How can I run File to Backup with multiple Windows User accounts?

You can use File to Backup on a Windows computer, with multiple users, in two different ways:

1) One Administrator backs up everyone’s data:

You set up a single Windows account with administrative rights to use File to Backup to backup everyone’s data. Ensure you set up File to Backup to include the personal documents for the other users on the computer. The Windows user needs administrative rights in order to access the documents held in the other user’s personal folders.


2) Each Windows user sets up Backup themselves:

Each Windows user will need to configure File to Backup on their Windows account when they have logged in. You can either use the same File to Backup account, or pay for individual ones. If you are using the same File to Backup account then each user is seen as a new computer and you may need to add additional devices through the web portal, in the ‘Account Settings’ tab.