How to Backup A NAS Device

NAS drives or Network attached storage devices offer a great way for you to backup and store your files and media locally.They are becoming less expensive and easier to setup and as a result a growing number of users are turning to them as accost effective method of storing their data.

As always this is only part of the story, the very fact that a NAS device is stored locally, often in the same room as the computer it is backing it up, makes it susceptible to the same forces or events that may cause you data lose in the first place. Having an effective backup solution is all about looking at the points of failure and trying to have a level of redundancy for each failure. That’s why it make so much sense to backup your NAS drive using an online backup service. File to Backup’s online backup service allows you, for a small  cost to backup NAS devices that are mapped to your computer.

Step 1

In order to backup your NAS drive to the cloud you will to purchase an online backup subscription from File to Backup. Online backup for NAS devices is available on all File to Backup Pro plans. You can select the option to add a NAS device on the order form.


Step 2

On receiving your welcome email follow the instructions to visit your personal web portal, from here simply login with the details provided and download the software which relates to your computer.

Step 3

Select the files and folders you wish to backup from your local machine as well as whatever files and folders you wish to backup on the NAS device. Remember when you add a NAS device to your File to Backup online backup account it is for one mapped drive. If you have multiple mapped drives under your top level mapped drive you will have to purchase additional NAS licences or change your configuration.

Step 4

Well done! You are now backing up your NAS drive online to the cloud.