Why do I need File to Backup

Over 60% of users have had an irreplaceable data loss in the last year from their computer. The files you store on your computer – music, videos, photos, emails and important documents – are all precious, but they are so easy to lose. Whether it’s a hard drive failure, theft, fire, tornado or even just accidental deletion, you can wipe out your most prized data in seconds.

Before services like File to Backup, you were stuck backing up your data to DVDs, external drives or even tape. These all take time, money and you have to remember to do them. As soon as you forget to do a backup, you lose something! It’s always how it goes!! Then if you leave the backup with the PC and the house is destroyed, flooded or burns, your backup is gone too!!

File to Backup eliminates these risks by providing a easy to use, secure online backup service. Just install it, select which files and folders you want to backup and you are done! There’s no need to schedule anything, just leave your computer turned on and the backup is always running! – it does backups while you work and while you sleep.