30 Day Money Back

Money-Back Guarantee Overview

Due to the specific way of delivery of Online Backup services, they are generally offered with a money-back-guarantee. This is done with the sole purpose of making the customer secure that the service from a physically invisible provider will be received at no monetary risk and the customer will be able to receive the invested money back in case he or she is not satisfied with the provided services.

Why Money-Back Guarantee?

The money back guarantee principle is widely adopted in the field of online backup services in particular. Since online backup plans are provided entirely over the Internet, it is not possible for a customer to evaluate their quality before trying them out for a certain period of time. To inspire confidence in their potential customers, hosts pack their plan configurations with a Money-back guarantee policy, defending the customer’s right to get a refund if not satisfied with the provided service.

Customer Feedbacks

Great new Control Panel setup. Well done! James F.

With that said, Money-back Guarantee is one of the fundamental features of online backup plans, along with the basic server resources such as disk space and data transfer. The availability of a money-back-guarantee in online backup plans as well as its duration is one of the basic factors to consider when choosing the right hosting provider.

Money-Back Guarantee Period

The Money-back-guarantee period may vary according to the particular online backup provider’s policy. It has been estimated from practice that the optimal money-back-guarantee period is 30 days. One month has been seen as the average period that a user needs to test the ordered online backup service in depth and decide on whether it is worth sticking with that particular provider.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee Backup

Following the established time span for justifying a customer’s confidence, File to Backup is offering you fully packed online backup plans with a 30-day money back guarantee, instant account activation and 99.9% Service Uptime Guarantee. Within 30 days of the sign-up date, you will be able to fully test our services and customer support and decide for yourself whether it will be good choosing us. If, for any possible reason, you are not satisfied with us, you will receive a full refund for the purchased hosting services within 30 days of the sign-up date. Now, that’s a fair deal, isn’t it!